Sweat Equity

How Orangetheory Fitness stands out in the fitness community

By Michelle Goodman


If the saying painted on the wall in the studio of Orangetheory Fitness is to be believed, “Good things come to those who sweat.”

And if franchise owner Bruce Hinckson is to be believed, you’ll definitely sweat.

“Orangetheory is a one-hour total body workout,” Hinckson said. “We work on your endurance, your strength and your power. It’s all based on your heart rate. So whether it’s your first day ever picking up a weight, or you’re a seasoned athlete, you can do this workout and have it customized to you.”

Hinckson started out as a member of Orangetheory in his home state of Florida about three years ago. He quickly rose through the ranks to become head trainer and eventually was offered the opportunity to own his own studio.

“My best friend Brock Meadows and I looked into it and we had the choice of locating in many cities around the country,” Hinckson said. “We always believe being first in line is the best way to lead. We wanted to do something no one else was doing, so we came here to West Virginia.”


Orangetheory Fitness Barboursville opened in April and has since gained more than 460 members. Hinckson attributes the growing popularity, in Barboursville and around the world at its more than 740 locations, to the fact that Orangetheory isn’t like other gyms, because it’s not a gym.

“We are not a gym, because we’re not like anything else out there,” Hinckson said. “We customize everything to the member. We learn about the member first. My background is sports psychology and nutrition, so I find learning about the individual first is the best.”

Joining Orangetheory involves a consultation to determine what each member wants to gain from their experience, what obstacles have been standing in their way and whether they are ready to commit to changing their health. Following the first free workout, coaches work with members to learn about their personal challenges and help them establish healthy eating habits.

The workout itself is a one hour session of interval training using Orangetheory Fitness’s specially-made treadmills and rowing machines that reduce impact to joints, as well as using free weights, TRX straps and other strength training equipment.

Each member wears a wristband monitoring their heart rate. Those numbers are displayed on large monitors in the studio so both the member and the coach can gauge progress. All coaches are certified and have completed Orangetheory’s own training program. The results of the workout are emailed to each member or can be found through the studio’s app.


“Our goal for every workout is to have you within 84 percent of your max heart rate for about 12 minutes or more within that hour,” Hinckson said. “Having that monitor up there helps your coach train you and help keep you within that 84 percent range, what we call the ‘Orange Zone.’ This sends your body into what’s called the after burn. Essentially, you are burning calories for the next 24 to 36 hours.”

Hinckson said he wants to continue to be first in the highly competitive fitness industry.

“I came here with a goal to separate myself and compete at a level that no one knows exists by changes as many lives as possible,” Hinckson said. “I want Orangetheory Fitness Barboursville to be your happy place.”


OrangeTheory Fitness Barboursville
3034 Champion Drive
Barboursville, WV 25504
(304) 521-1500

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